Friday, December 20, 2019

Pediatric Plastic Surgery Cleft Lips - 1841 Words

Pediatric Plastic Surgery: Cleft Lips Mary Elizabeth Barnes English IV 25 September 2015 I plan on becoming a pediatric plastic surgeon after attending Southern Methodist University, and medical school at UNiveristy of Texas at Austin. Cleft Lips are a huge problem among newborns no matter where a doctor is in the world. They form in the wound and do not grow back together naturally so the only way to fix it is surgery. Pediatric plastic surgeons can specialize in cleft lip corrections helping many children along the way. A cleft lip, to be fixed, needs the lining of the muscles in the lip to be surgically aligned. A cleft lip can form into a cleft palate extending all the way to the roof of the mouth. There is one way to†¦show more content†¦So being able to help children born with cleft palates, deformities, and conjoinments is what I essentially want to do. I plan to major in Biology or Biochemistry, and minor in business so I can have my own practice one day. Then after undergrad, I want to go to University of Texas at Austin. After all the school I have to take, I want to do a residency still at the University of Texas in Austin to further my experience in the field. University of Texas has a very concise and fast track program that I really think would benefit me and push me to the standard that I need to be at. Eventually, my own practice is the goal and hopefully I can help children who NEED plastic surgery medically and not just superficially; and that’s why ten years from now society will appreciate plastic surgery in a different way because of my contribution. I have shadowed something plastic surgery and getting into that area of surgery would be exactly what I want to do. Future Plan: To get where I want to be, I have a multitude of classes that I will have to accomplish. At Southern Methodist University, I will be enrolled in the Dedman College in biological sciences and it has produced students who have moved on to Harvard Medical School. Moving on from Southern Methodist University, University of Texas in Austin is where I plan to attend graduate medical school. The UT at Austin Medical School has a partnership with Seton Healthcare which enables with them to have specialized,

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